Bulky Yarn


Bulky yarn is thicker & often heavier than worsted weight yarn while it is lighter than super bulky yarn. It is generally used for knitting projects that need a heavier weight or larger gauge. Projects using thick fibers can be finished quickly due to the size of yarn/needles used.

While worsted weight yarns are a great choice for projects including afghans, hats and mittens as they produce fabric with great stitch definition, bulky weight yarns can be great for warm and cozy knit and crochet projects like cowls, scarves, floor poufs, pillows, ponchos and extra cozy blankets.

Chunky Yarn is The Perfect Choice for All Your Knit Projects

If you need a bulky weight yarn to create a beautifully chunky knit project for you or your loved ones, go to our website, filter by category and discover our wide range of bulky yarns.

Looking for the perfect blanket yarn for your dream project? Opt for a chunky yarn with premium acrylic/nylon fiber content. If you prefer easy care fabrics, choose a super soft, durable combination of polyester and merino wool, that you can both hand wash and machine wash. Lay flat to dry your finish project to keep its shape.

For various quick to finish accessories, you can use our bulky cotton yarn that makes your crochet projects work up super quickly. This is also the go-to fiber if you want to knit a cotton wool sweater for yourself, or a cute, cozy pullover for your baby. The recommended knitting needle size for bulky weight yarn is a US 9-11 but make sure to check your pattern instructions and the details on the skein.

There are lots of bulky knitting patterns that are easy to knit up and fantastic for beginner knitters! If you need inspiration, you can browse over 5,000 patterns available on our website. Our prices are reasonable and you'll always receive your orders promptly. Check out our collection of colorful skeins for your new projects!