Earning Opportunities with Mary Maxim

You love to craft!?! We do too! The Mary Maxim Affiliate Program through Share A Sale is a wonderful opportunity for bloggers and Social Media Taste Makers to share the Mary Maxim Products they already love with their followers and generate a supplemental income stream. Crafters registered with our Mary Maxim Affiliate Program can post or publish links on their websites and Social Media Accounts that earn commissions on sales referred to www.marymaxim.com. Generate these trackable links through the Share A Sale Website. 

Register here to become a ShareASale Affiliate. Once you are approved and entered into our exclusive Crafters Group, you'll have access to custom links, banners, and coupon codes that you can post on your Social Media Posts, website or blog. When a visitor you've referred to us purchases marymaxim.com, you'll earn 15% of the sale as a crafter. If they used a banner placed on your site, then you'll earn an extra 5% on top of the 15% you have already earned for that sale. And if you referred a new Mary Maxim customer, you'll receive another 10%. Potentially you could earn 30% of the sale price! Signing up for our program is entirely free and accessible through ShareASale. 

We also invite you to submit a "Yarn Request" below for your newest designs and creations. We often extend yarn support to designers and their testers. We also encourage yarn and product reviews. We understand how internet shopping has brought new challenges to the crafting world, particularly when discovering and selecting new materials, and are happy to supply Mary Maxim Products for evaluation. If you have any questions or would like some personal assistance with your yarn request please contact gwen@marymaxim.com. She loves helping our friends "shop" for yarn and can offer her experience and suggestions to aid your decisions. 

Become a Mary Maxim Affiliate!

Mary Maxim Affiliate Program Benefits

Now that you are signed up to become a Mary Maxim Affiliate let's talk about some of the wonderful benefits coming to you and your followers.  

When you are signed up to be a Mary Maxim Affiliate, you will then be eligible to coordinate with Mary Maxim on exclusive sales and products. This means early access for your followers to exclusive sales and products adding value to your followers. 

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Affiliate Yarn Request

Do you have a design idea? We'd love to supply you with the materials your crafting dreams are made of. Currently, we are only extending Yarn Support for Mary Maxim items. This includes Yarns, Mary Maxim Plastic Canvas supplies. You may also use this google form to request a product for review. Some requests may be denied if we do not have enough information regarding social media channels or do not see a sufficient follower count. If you feel like a decision was made in error or would like to provide more information, contact gwen@marymaxim.com

If you have any questions about yarn requests, please email gwen@marymaxim.com for further assistance.